Blue on Blue

So as the weather changes, and the warm days slowly trickle into cooler days, I wanted to take a moment to highlight one of the outfits I enjoy putting together on a warmer September day; a monochromatic look.

In my book, the monochromatic look always works! It is one of my absolute favorite ways of wearing my outfits.

Sure it may not be for everyone, but in a moment of feeling like a color is on your mind, try it. The colors do not have to be an exact match, but they should be in the same color family.

With that being said, I was feeling blue happy that day! So I put together this outfit.

The pants and shirt are not exact color matches (though they are very close), but I paired them together, and added a darker shade of navy blue shoes to tone the light blue down a bit. Then I dared a bit more and added teal blue belt and bright blue purse, none of which are exact matches!

To me it worked! So if you’re feeling a color, just go for it! Live each day with some color!



(Sidebar; so l have to tell you about the shoes! I saw this pair of shoes on MACY’S website and fell in “I have to have it” so I put it in my cart. However I was not willing to pay full price for it, so I began stalking it online to buy it when it went on sale. Shortly after I went to visit my big sister in NY and she said, “oh I have a pair of shoes for you” lo and behold it was the pair of shoes sitting in my MACY’S cart online! Can you imagine! I guess me and these dolce vita shoes were meant to be together)

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