In Manhattan

Although it was cold and cloudy, I ventured into Manhattan to meet up with my niece Neeka on her lunch break (she works on Wall Street) so we can walk around the area and check out some sites and stores.

This was my first time visiting the new and rebuilt Trade Towers, and they are stunning!!There are two new malls underground, one with all white floors and walls; simply a work of art.

So I started my excursion bareheaded, but as the day got colder and I could no longer feel my ears I purchased a very glamorous faux fur head wrap from one of the street vendors that are ever present in the city.

It worked perfectly! One would think I coordinated the head wrap and gloves before leaving my home but it just evolved that way! remember, accessories can make or slay an outfit!

My niece Neeka and I spent quality time together; don’t miss her blush pink coat coupled with a canary yellow purse (on the subway train) and on the street in her metallic jacket and red tote.

I am excited to share the pics with you, check me out in tourist mode!



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