Bright blue is brilliant, it’s even better in a tutu

I know that somewhere it is believed that wearing a tutu skirt is for the younger girls and younger women. But where did this idea come from? I don’t know and I am certainly not going to conform to that way of thinking. You see, a tutu when done right adds youthful drama, and confident style with a twist of fun to your look.

The great things about rocking a tutu are that you can choose which color tutu suits you best since they can be found in an array of colors and lengths, bright or muted, short or long. Also they are NOT seasonal which means that you can freely wear your tutu in the warm weather with t-shirts and tank tops or in the cooler months with tights and long sleeves tops. Of course switching up your shoes to align with your event is another added thrill which can include sneakers, flats, sandals (high or low) heels, loafers, and combat boots, booties or tall boots.

I think it takes a secure woman to pull off wearing a tutu, especially one in a bright color. So now you decide that you are going to rock a tutu and you think to yourself “hmmm, where exactly am I going that I can wear a tutu?” and I smile wide and answer… brunch with anyone, to a concert (with a graphic t-shirt), to a birthday party (for an adult or child), to church (with heels), to an engagement party, to a bridal shower, to a date with your boo, to a dinner party, to a museum opening etc. etc.

Know also that the top you pair with your tutu makes all the difference in whether or not your look will be a “hit” or a “miss”. There are so, so many options to make this skirt pop… can rock it with a slim fitted sweater (like I did), a t-shirt, a corset, a bodysuit, a button-down shirt knotted in the front, a slim fitting crop top or even a tank top when the weather is warm enough. One thing to remember though is to always tuck your top into your tutu so that your waist is cinched and the “poof” of the skirt is highlighted.

The other cool thing about rocking a tutu is that it can make you look sophisticated and classy when dressed up, or casually chic when dressed down by simply choosing the right top and shoes to pair it with. Either way, it is always fun, fresh and stylish.

Hope to see you around rocking your tutu and thanks for stopping by!

xoxo Hazel

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