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Christmas and Summer are my two favorite times of the year! I hope that all had a wonderful holiday season, and for this new year my wish for you is Peace, and my suggestion for absolute peace is Prayer.

O.K with that being said, I want to share my Christmas vacation with you! As you may have guessed, I visited my old stomping ground, Brooklyn NY, and as always Brooklyn did not disappoint, we had a great holiday!

It’s amazing the way being surrounded by family, good Caribbean food and friends can quickly alter your plans (sometimes for better, sometimes for worse). My boys who were reluctant to make the trip, were asking to say an extra day, so we stayed an extra day.

We visited our old church and stepped right into the beat just as if we had not left. I loaded up on my Caribbean foods (oxtails, callaloo, rice and peas, fried fish, curry goat, sweet potatoes, black cake and sorrel, yes lots of sorrel!)

Because I had to pack for my family, I had to limit the amount of outfits I could carry for myself, so I accessorized with scarves and  headbands and kept it basic with long sleeve t-shirts and jeans.

All in all Christmas in Brooklyn was all I hoped it would be and more, and we can’t wait to go back this Spring break and Summer (God’s willing).

In my next post you will experience my New York City adventure!





Blue on Blue

So as the weather changes, and the warm days slowly trickle into cooler days, I wanted to take a moment to highlight one of the outfits I enjoy putting together on a warmer September day; a monochromatic look.

In my book, the monochromatic look always works! It is one of my absolute favorite ways of wearing my outfits.

Sure it may not be for everyone, but in a moment of feeling like a color is on your mind, try it. The colors do not have to be an exact match, but they should be in the same color family.

With that being said, I was feeling blue happy that day! So I put together this outfit.

The pants and shirt are not exact color matches (though they are very close), but I paired them together, and added a darker shade of navy blue shoes to tone the light blue down a bit. Then I dared a bit more and added teal blue belt and bright blue purse, none of which are exact matches!

To me it worked! So if you’re feeling a color, just go for it! Live each day with some color!



(Sidebar; so l have to tell you about the shoes! I saw this pair of shoes on MACY’S website and fell in “I have to have it” so I put it in my cart. However I was not willing to pay full price for it, so I began stalking it online to buy it when it went on sale. Shortly after I went to visit my big sister in NY and she said, “oh I have a pair of shoes for you” lo and behold it was the pair of shoes sitting in my MACY’S cart online! Can you imagine! I guess me and these dolce vita shoes were meant to be together)

Pink surprise!!!

As the years go by I am constantly being surprised by the things I never thought I will be attracted to becoming some of my favs.


As the years go by I am constantly being surprised by the things I never thought I will be attracted to becoming some of my favs.

So here I am suddenly feeling the color Pink!

This is clearly an evolution for me because I never really thought of myself as a pink girl. I was so consumed with pink toward the end of summer that I decided to wear it all over.

I’m talking pink dress, pink shoes and pink sunglasses, yes my friends, everything pink and it worked!

I know you may be a bit hesitant to wear the same color in one outfit, just add a neutral bag (black or nude) or purse to break up the monotony and encircle the look.



be not afraid, mock fear in the face and be brave!

Check out the pics, and tell me what you think!


So I thought it would be cool to show a snippet of years gone by, actually, I caught myself reminiscing!

I went through quite a bit of photos, and yes I wore yellow back then, this is not a fad.

Though my style and taste have evolved tremendously over the years, I was always confident in my outfits (you can tell from the pics)


I loved keeping up with the trends, and putting my own spin on it. These pics are all taken over 10 years ago so please excuse the lower quality (I had to take a photo of a photo).

I must admit though, that I could only find a couple pics with my mid section covered!

A step back in time, enjoy!!!

White pants after LABOR DAY

Years ago I used to conform to some “Fashion rules” and not wearing white pants after Labor Day was one I used to follow.

Years ago I used to conform to some “Fashion rules” and not wearing white pants after Labor Day was one I used to follow.

However, lately I started asking myself, why not wear what I want to wear, when I want to wear it???

I decided then that I can absolutely wear white pants after Labor Day, and so can you!

Of course your main focus should be comfort and warmth on the crisper days, so I suggest long pants. If the pants are thin in texture (cotton for example), simply add a tights or leggings under the pants for layering.

Now we get to style our white pants outfit! I would throw on a fall color poncho that are popular again these days. Fall color scarf, jacket or bag can also pull together the white pants without looking like you are stuck in summer.

Ankle boots, or sneakers are my footwear options of choice, depending on my mood.

Of course you can rock an ALL white outfit if you dare, but white pants are definitely a yes, yes after Labor Day!

Happily Yellow Life blog is born!

Today was an awesome day! Happily Yellow Life blog is born.


Today was an awesome day! Something I have been thinking about for quite some time is being visualized. All things added up and today is the first post on my blog. Happily Yellow Life!

Why Happily Yellow?

Yellow is that color, for me, that adds to me, to my mood, to my elevation… and more. I love it. So it is only fitting that she is our first guest. We spent the day together.

So here you are, my new blog! Please visit often, comment, and most of all ENJOY!


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