White pants after LABOR DAY

Years ago I used to conform to some “Fashion rules” and not wearing white pants after Labor Day was one I used to follow.

However, lately I started asking myself, why not wear what I want to wear, when I want to wear it???

I decided then that I can absolutely wear white pants after Labor Day, and so can you!

Of course your main focus should be comfort and warmth on the crisper days, so I suggest long pants. If the pants are thin in texture (cotton for example), simply add a tights or leggings under the pants for layering.

Now we get to style our white pants outfit! I would throw on a fall color poncho that are popular again these days. Fall color scarf, jacket or bag can also pull together the white pants without looking like you are stuck in summer.

Ankle boots, or sneakers are my footwear options of choice, depending on my mood.

Of course you can rock an ALL white outfit if you dare, but white pants are definitely a yes, yes after Labor Day!

2 responses to “White pants after LABOR DAY”

  1. YES GIRL! We should all be able to wear what makes us feel happy! As long as we aren’t hurting anyone, why not right? 🙂 Love the outfit especially with the scarf to add some colour. Keep up the blog! Much love ❤


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